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Your digital presence starts with a well-designed website that’s beautiful and functional, but with well over a billion websites on the internet today, if you build it, there’s no guarantee they will come. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization has always been one of the best ways to ensure that your website gets found on the web, and while search engines have certainly changed, that fact has not. Your on and off-site optimization of your website is still crucial to ensure that your site ranks well, appears in search results for your area and keywords, and that you get the return on your web design investment that you deserve.
Some people might say that SEO is dead. Those are the same people who have invisible websites. SEO has changed a lot since it first became a web marketing strategy, but it’s certainly not dead. In fact, while search engine optimization is not something just anyone can see, it’s one of the most important pillars in digital marketing success.
The mistake most people make when it comes to SEO is treating it as something that you can do after the fact. Great SEO starts from the very first day you create your domain, and it should be built into your site with every line of code, every new pixel added, and every piece of technology. Most of the truly important SEO you build into your site won’t be visible at all, to anyone but search engines, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less crucial to your online success.
Our team understands the importance of building SEO into the fabric of your website, and because we offer all these services in house, whether you’re creating a new site or updating an existing one, we can offer you solutions that create a website that perfectly balances human user experience with maximum search engine visibility.


Technical SEO

Technical SEO is so built into the architecture of your website. It might be as simple as choosing the right domain name or adding an SSL certificate to your hosting service, or as complex as ensuring that URLs are written in the correct format, ensuring that images are sized, tagged and stored properly. We choose and implement web technologies in the backend of your site that ensure that header tags are correctly attributed, that metadata is written properly, and that your website has a sitemap that’s easy to access when search engines bots crawl your portal. We make sites that are fast, lightweight, and accessible, and we make them as easy as possible to crawl and index, and it shows in our clients’ site analytics.

Content Marketing

It’s been said almost as long as internet marketing has existed: content is king. But while article marketing and keyword stuffing used to be viable strategies to get more traffic to your website, search engines have got a lot smarter. In fact, most of the things that used to be considered good content strategy will probably earn you a penalty today. Our team of digital experts includes content strategists who will help you to research keywords, create customer personas and plan content that will entice and engage those ideal prospects and expert content creators who will write pages and posts that balance credibility with personality.

Off Site SEO

Off-site SEO used to be simple: link building. Before quality mattered, all that counted was how many links you could get to your site. That’s not true anymore. In fact, there’s no quicker way to get penalized by search engines than to generate too many low-quality links. We do off-site SEO right, from carefully curated directory listings to judiciously built incoming links. We identify and capitalize on guest posting opportunities and focus on personal branding. We maximize your content shareability and generate optimal exposure on social media and other platforms.

Integrity and Reputation

The fact is, your integrity and reputation don’t only matter when it comes to your customers. Search engines these days are equipped to pick up on attempts to game the system. Black hat tactics are quickly spotted, and penalties can be swift and severe. Some websites never recover! We create and implement SEO strategies and tactics that safeguard our clients’ digital reputations from those situations, so their sites stay visible and viable.


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Yana Makarova
Co-Founder, WCP

I was searching for web design company in Toronto and my friend recommended me Influce. According to the cofounder, Eugene, they just started providing digital marketing services few months ago. Oh, they got talents! Both cofounders know inside and out of web design, graphic design, SEO and etc. They are very friendly and helped me to redesign my family’s business website. I didn’t know anything about websites and Eugene was able to explain everything to me. He made my site look fresh and modern now. Influce is a great web design agency and I would highly recommend it!

Founder of Nick's Window Cleaning

Influce team designed, launched and hosted our website. I first discussed our idea with Eugene through a phone interview. Then we met several times to discussed our idea further. After discussing the issues thoroughly, I joined Influce team where every questions quickly answered and brainstorming sessions planned. Not only they were responsive during the design and development process, and equally important is that they always make themselves available to address any issues whether they are technical issues or how to we have with the site after it’s launched. Eugene made us feel confident that they will be there for us whenever we need them. Thank you, Eugene, Yaroslav, and everyone at Influce who has made this experience so satisfying and enjoyable!

CEO, Garderobe Boutique Toronto

The Influce team did a great job for my ecommerce site. They helped me to set up, manage and customize my Shopify team to look and work its best. They made it seem easy, guiding me through the process, from concept to completion. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to build or customize an online shop.

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