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You’d never go to a job interview without dressing for success… and the same concept applies when it comes to presenting your brand to potential customers. They’re not going to hire you if you look unprofessional. You know what they say – you never get a second chance to make a strong brand impression! That's why building a brand is crucial in order to succeed in your business. And Logo is the peak of your brand. So don't underestimate the importance of a good logo, and let a skilled graphic designer from our team create it for your brand!
Consumers have more options than ever before, and that’s why your brand image is incredibly important. Your brand needs to be consistent across all your marketing platforms, not just your website. Influce can create a logo design for your business that catches attention and communicates your desired image, no matter which platform you’re using. A skilled graphic designer is an artist with a strong understanding of the principles of marketing… and we’re proud to have several on the Influce roster.
Good graphic design is about knowing how to manipulate a logo, brand colours and lines so your brand stays consistent no matter where it’s being presented. Dark or light backgrounds, curved or flat surfaces, screens or sheets of paper – there are many things to consider. Whether you want to give your brand a makeover, refresh your logo, or launch a new business, the branding experts at Influce can make sure you knock it out of the park.
Our experienced graphic designers will spend time getting to know your business so they can design a sleek brand identity you can take pride in… one that connects with your target audience and gives your brand a compelling personality. Influce creates logo design Toronto consumers notice. Let us help your business shine!


Logo designs tailored to your brand’s culture

What makes Influce a smart choice over other graphic design companies Toronto businesses hire? There are many talented graphic designers out there, but it all comes down to whether their style resonates with you. Our designers are proficient in a variety of styles, so we’re confident you’ll be happy with their work. Plus, after we learn more about your needs, we can pair you with a graphic designer that best complements your branding and business goals.

Full scope of services under one roof

We offer a full menu of design services for promotional materials of all kinds – not just the ones you see online. If you need to look awesome at trade shows, in magazines, or in mailboxes, we’re up for the challenge. Beyond custom logos, we can design digital marketing materials like infographics, web banners and online ads. Our team also has experience designing slick tradeshow booths, stunning brochures, eye-catching booklets and other display and print marketing materials that command attention. Wherever you need to look your best, we’ve got your back.

Strategic approach to creating unique branding

Our graphic designers are also unique in that they have a keen understanding of the many touch points that require strong branding. Because we’re experienced in the digital realm, our expertise lies in creating dynamic digital brands that can tell stories through images, and that’s the best way to stand out in the cluttered world of online marketing.

Let your brand stand apart from the competition

Get graphic design Toronto brands choose when they need to make a memorable impression. Get a quote for your branding project. To get started, contact us today.


Branding is an incredibly important and nuanced discipline and requires clients to place a huge amount of trust in our skills. We’re proud of the many unique logos and brand identities our clients have allowed us to create for them. Browse some of our recent branding projects below for examples of the magic that can happen when you work with the talented graphic designers at Influce.

  • All Appliance Repair
  • Yegendorf Lawfirm
  • Air Makers
  • Window Cleaning People
  • Approved Mortgage
  • Window Cleaning People 2


We won't be just another web development team, we become an extension of your team

Yana Makarova
Co-Founder, WCP

I was searching for web design company in Toronto and my friend recommended me Influce. According to the cofounder, Eugene, they just started providing digital marketing services few months ago. Oh, they got talents! Both cofounders know inside and out of web design, graphic design, SEO and etc. They are very friendly and helped me to redesign my family’s business website. I didn’t know anything about websites and Eugene was able to explain everything to me. He made my site look fresh and modern now. Influce is a great web design agency and I would highly recommend it!

Founder of Nick's Window Cleaning

Influce team designed, launched and hosted our website. I first discussed our idea with Eugene through a phone interview. Then we met several times to discussed our idea further. After discussing the issues thoroughly, I joined Influce team where every questions quickly answered and brainstorming sessions planned. Not only they were responsive during the design and development process, and equally important is that they always make themselves available to address any issues whether they are technical issues or how to we have with the site after it’s launched. Eugene made us feel confident that they will be there for us whenever we need them. Thank you, Eugene, Yaroslav, and everyone at Influce who has made this experience so satisfying and enjoyable!

CEO, Garderobe Boutique Toronto

The Influce team did a great job for my ecommerce site. They helped me to set up, manage and customize my Shopify team to look and work its best. They made it seem easy, guiding me through the process, from concept to completion. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to build or customize an online shop.

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